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The Gift

The Journal 2006 was a rough year for my family. My grandfather on my dad’s side has passed away from a very long and drawn-out illness leaving my grandmother alone for the first time in well over 50 years. I wanted to do something special for my grandma that year, so I decided to give her a very unique gift. I thought of about 100 questions that I always wanted to know about her...stuff like, “What is a perfect day for you?” or “Tell me how you picked out your first home.” and, “Talk to me about one of your most favorite memories so far with your sister Nancy.” I also bought her a whole bunch of little gifts that I thought would make her smile. I wrapped them and gave them all numbers. I then cut out each question and pieces of paper for the numbered gifts and I put them in a decorated jar. I also gave her a journal to write all of her answers in. Her instructions were simple: Take one piece of paper out of the jar each day and follow the instructions on it. Sometimes she had to write

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