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Choppin’ Tomatoes

A few days ago, I came home from work much later than I wanted to because of a myriad of time blockers. I had to catch up after being in meetings all day and then on my way home I ran into traffic, accidents etc. A normal 20 minute drive turned into a 45 minute commute after an already very long and tiring day. I have to admit, I was tired and maybe a little pissy with my attitude. Ok, a LOT pissy.  When I got home, my hubs was nowhere to be found. I called him and he was still working, but would be home soon. He had started his day at 6am out the door and it was now a little past 7pm. Long day. Much longer than mine. I started to make dinner. Now, mind you, I am still a little perturbed in my mind, because I “got stuck” making dinner and I didn’t feel like it.  I found myself chopping up tomatoes...aggressively. I actually got mad at Michael for not being there to help me. And then I had one of my God smacking Jennifer on the side of the head moments. J ennifer!! How blessed are you?

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