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A Time of Being Grateful

Thank you, God! In a world filled with a million things that are meant to make you want more, it has become increasingly difficult to be thankful for what you have and see right in front of your face. Instead, we just want more and more and are really never satisfied. We scroll through social media and see perfect people with perfect families wearing perfect clothes doing perfect things...and we feel discontent with what WE have. We want what THEY have. This gratitude doesn’t come easily. Not one bit. It is actually a very difficult thing to practice. Our minds are hard-wired to remember negative stimuli, as they are clinically shown to have more impact on our brains. This is why we don’t naturally recall the good things in our days, while we easily remember the hardships and aggravations. It is an adapted response from our beginning where a negative item could lead to serious harm or death. Remembering negative things helped keep you alive. As we have evolved as human being

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