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You Bring People to Life

I just got back from Buffalo for a wonderful family visit. We celebrated Mother's Day and my mom's 70th birthday. It was beautiful and was filled with spending time with those who I love so very much. I went to go see my grandmother, who is now in a nursing home. When I walked in, an aide was there trying to help her into her chair and when she saw me, relief came over her face. I could tell gram was being ornery and I would rescue them both from each other. The aide left us and then it was just gram and I. All was calm. I helped her into her chair, as she can no longer walk by herself. Gram was overcome with emotion throughout my time with her. When it came time to leave, it was really difficult to do so, actually...but I'll talk about that part later. I could tell that her mind was having a lot of trouble dealing with what she was feeling. Happy I was there. Confused as to why she was there. Trying to remember simple things while processing complicated emotions. Her mind

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